Although many people may think that mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are the same thing, the law does not think so and so requires that each have its own insurance. Of these three the motorcycles can be the largest with engines as big as 1000cc, the same as some small makes of car. The scooter is the next largest with engines as big as 850cc. As these two are without doubt powerful, the law requires that they be insured before they are allowed to be ridden on the roads. This is understandable as one of them, going at a good speed, could cause a fair amount of damages and could of course cause some people to be injured. The idea of them being insured is that if they are involved in an accident and do cause damage or injuries, those damages and injuries can be paid for as the insurance company will pay. The law requires this insurance because it knows that few of us could afford to pay some of the costs involved and that would not be fair to the injured parties. Of course though the insurance company will not be happy about paying as they prefer to just collect and so, they may ask you to pay more for your insurance in the future. As mopeds are as small as they are, they are not too powerful and so the law has decided that they do not have to be insured before they can be taken on the road however, there are some cities that do require they are insured whilst driven in those cities. Motorcycles and scooters though are still not as big as cars and so there is cheap scooter insurance and cheap motorcycle insurance that can be bought and perhaps one of the best ways of finding that cheap insurance is to hire an insurance broker. Insurance brokers are like insurance agents but do not work for one insurance company and so can investigate and recommend policies from any insurance company. A broker does of course receive a commission but even so, the savings they could find you can more than make up for any commission you may pay them. As with car insurance, you will have the choice as to whether you want third party coverage only or would prefer fully comprehensive coverage. With third party insurance, the insurance company only pays for damage and injuries to any third parties and not the insured themselves. Comprehensive insurance though, pays all the costs involved and for that reason is far more expensive than just third party coverage. Although practically all insurance companies will offer you both third party and comprehensive insurance, their payments may differ greatly and so that is where a broker comes in; they look at all the policies offered by all the companies and report their best findings back to you for approval to buy. Looking into all these different policies on your own could take a lot of time, plus you may not fully understand the insurance jargon on many of the policies.

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