Traditional cars have always been popular to rent, either by the day or by the week and now that hybrids have arrived on the scene, they too are becoming popular to rent. Often people would rent a car when they intended to go on long journeys as, apart from saving wear and tear on their own cars, renting a newer car would usually mean savings in fuel costs for that journey and now to make even more savings, those people can save more because they rent hybrid car. Although relatively new, hybrids are gaining popularity due to their claimed fuel efficiency and some people may even rent a hybrid car to test out that efficiency before they go ahead and buy one for themselves. Why hybrids can claim to be fuel efficient is because they have twin power systems, a combustion engine an electric motor being the most common combination. Although these hybrids can be set to use 100% combustion engine power, they can also be set to use 100% electric power, depending on the intended use for the car but most commonly are set to provide a combination of both, perhaps 60% combustion engine and 40% electric motor which would of course save on fuel costs as the battery which provides power to the electric motor is recharged by the combustion engine. When set to use both power sources a car when idling or going slow, may only use the electric motor but whilst on the highway at greater speeds, uses the combustion engine. An added advantage of having two power sources is that if they are both used at the same time, they can provide the car with extra power when needed, perhaps for overtaking other cars or vehicles. There are other combinations of power used by some hybrids but the combustion engine and the electric motor used by the Toyota Hybrid Prius and others seems to be emerging as the most popular.

Often people going on vacation will rent a car for the duration of their vacation as it is often far more convenient to leave their own car at home and fly to their chosen vacation destination, renting a car on arrival than it is for them to spend a couple of days of their vacation time driving to their destination. As well as being more convenient, a rental car will often have better fuel efficiency than a vacationer’s car will have because they are usually newer or more suitable. Although for a family man that works, a pick-up truck may be more convenient for them when they are working but is not the ideal vehicle for them using on vacation. The opposite is of course also true as a car which is owned by a family may be ideal for family drives but your vacation destination may need some off-road driving which the family car is not suitable for and so they may rent an SUV. Whichever vehicle a person rents though, they will always want one that offers the best fuel efficiency.

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