The court of the United States of America is very strict about their laws. In the state of California, the police is very strict about their laws which also include the traffic laws. The laws in the United States are for the safety of the people. Those who lack in paying attention and deny following the laws are punished and often penalized depending in the offense of law. People often have to go to jail for their denial. The traffic laws in CA include cell phone laws, child safety seat laws, distraction driving, driving handbook, laws and vehicle codes, traffic schools, traffic ticket, young safety, and traffic court.

The ‘No texting while driving’ law took effect in January 2009 which ended the majority of car accidents. People who use their cell phones while driving have to pay a penalty of $20 to $50. The child safety seat law is for those who drive with their kids under the age of 8 and kids or people under height 4’9″ must be secured by a safety belt in the back seat.

80 percent of vehicles crashes involve some sort of driving inattention. Distraction driving is anything that takes a person’s eyes or mind off the road or hands off the steering wheel, texting and cell phone use, whether hands-free or handheld. Most of the people do it. A large penalty of $159 is taken from the drivers for breaking this law. A driver must have his or her driver handbook, book of laws and vehicle code – not having any of these is also counted as a crime.

Traffic schools are very important in USA and especially in California. The traffic schools offer the training of candidates for the best and safest driving. The course for the traffic school is not very lengthy. Young drivers learn driving from the DMV training schools, who also offer the take practice Permit test CA which is the qualification needed for driving in the state of CA.

Traffic court in California is responsible for solving the traffic cases. A traffic appeal can be made when someone loses a case in a trial court when found guilty of a traffic offense where they ask a higher court to review the trial court’s decision. California also has a traffic safety office. The CA office at traffic safety’s mission is to efficiently and competently manage traffic security grant funds to lessen car accidents which may cause injuries, economic losses, or even deaths.

California also has its own traffic codes. Legislative counsel of California sees all of CA’s code sections with a subject index and keyword search. All together, California has 29 codes which include the regulation codes and vehicle code as well. The department and authorities for young and old drivers promote rules of the road and further development of a generation of safe young drivers. In addition to driving safety, DMV provide helpful tips and resources pertaining to today’s youth which will end up making a state of the best and safest drivers.

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